WNC Recovering from Religion

WNC Recovering from Religion provides support to those who have or are in the process of letting go of supernatural beliefs by providing a community of people in various stages of religious recovery.  
Our goal is to present 
thought-provoking topics and questions to encourage participation in open discussion.  This is not a venue for confrontation or judgement of others, and we invite you to join our community and express your thoughts and ideas without worry of being judged.  Whatever stage of recovery you are in, we welcome you to sit, listen, and share (if you wish) what led you to let go.  We acknowledge that we each have our own personal path and set our own pace for recovery; our goal is to help others find their way as they move towards a life free from superstitious adherence.  

Meetup – http://www.meetup.com/WNC-Recovering-from-Religion