Win Cash in Secular Essay Competition

Are you a student with a great idea to change the nontheist movement? Write an essay and win $500!

Partners and donors love to hear about new ideas… but most of the time they are not well communicated. We’d like to change that! An essay competition will help crystalize, focus, and professionally communicate your ideas to partners and donors.

With the exception that your focus should be on doing good, not making money, our essay contest is similar to the business plan competitions that have become popular in business schools around the world.

To enter, email your first draft to Susan at [email protected]. Your submit should describe:

  • A powerful problem that deserves attention,
  • Your unique solution to the problem,
  • Details about the team, schedule, funds needed, and implementation plan,
  • The partner groups from local CoRs and your community beyond that will help,
  • And what impact you expect to your neighborhood.

Then we’ll give you free coaching and feedback from nontheist leaders to make your idea stronger and better communicated. We’ll help you reduce risk, validate the appeal of your plan to those affected by it, and write it up in a way that helps potential donors, volunteers, and partners not just understand you but gain confidence and be inspired to join you!

Winners will not just get a cash prize to help them make their dreams real. We’ll also give you exposure that may bring you media attention, donors, and nontheist groups wanting to learn from your example for their own city.

The competition will go until the end of August and winners will be announced in September.

p.s. Speaking of students, Camp Quest is recruiting volunteer counselors for all locations this summer! Learn more about a day in the life of a counselor and #WhyWeCQ here.