Why we won’t repent for our godless billboard

This is in regards to Saturday’s letter to the editor that atheists should repent, as well as similar letters we’ve received since putting the billboard up on the Mileground.

Atheists and free thinkers follow observation and evidence, and have reasoned that the universe is all natural and in no way magical. While our worldview does not have all the answers, at least we don’t just fill in the blanks when we get stuck. We’re also not afraid to be wrong and change our perspective of the world as new evidence comes to light.

This is not out of defiance to a supernatural being. There is no god, therefore there is no sin, which makes repentance completely unnecessary.

The billboard is just to reach out to like-minded people in the area who have the right to know they are not alone, and have a community to go to. It is not intended to offend anyone’s traditional religious beliefs.

Neece Campione
Coalition of Reason

 Letter to the Editor, Dominion Post

October 7, 2009 – Opinion section, page 4

 In resonse to the following:

Atheists might want to repent before it’s too late

This is for the atheist group that paid to put the sign on the Mileground: When you deny God, God might deny you, so for your sake I hope he has mercy on your soul.

You might want to repent before it is too late.

Delbert Wallo

Letter to the Editor, Dominion Post

October 3, 2009 – Opinion section, page 10-A