What We Do

UnitedCoR was founded in 2009 to encourage collaboration between diverse, independent local groups. Today we work with over 3,000 independent local groups to cultivate unity and cooperation. We help provide a safe environment for discussion and inquiry as well as sustain the outreach and good work you’re already doing.

You drive our outreach from the grassroots level, as you know the issues that matter in your area. We then give you the support you want to realize the full potential of your projects. We can also put you in touch with experts who can advise your groups on any concerns they might have. At no time do you relinquish your group’s autonomy, nor do we ask for monetary donations: we’re only here to help you make a positive contribution and create a good image through your work.

We can provide:

  • Free press releases for your events
  • Tabling materials
  • Fundraising resources and ideas for community outreach
  • Advertisements for your activities and events in a variety of mediums, including our media outlets
  • A free website that is maintained and administered by you or someone you know in your local area
  • Connections to speakers and other VIPs for your events
  • A directory of local, national and international groups for your reference
  • A free app to advertise and locate groups through cutting-edge mobile technology

We can offer free training and advice for:

  • Media presentation, public relations and press releases
  • Free resources from a variety of national groups
  • Letter templates
  • Starting and nurturing a new group or coalition
  • Facilitating collaboration between local groups in the same area
  • Finding national experts who can train you in:
    • Group management
    • Event management
    • Public relations
    • Attracting newcomers

We don’t lobby governments. If your group is interested in political activism, you can get assistance from Secular Coalition for America.

We charge nothing for our services, and there’s no obligation or cost to your groups when joining one of UnitedCoR’s local coalitions. We look forward to accelerating and promoting your initiatives.

We are stronger together; tell us how we can help you.