Upcoming Conference News

We’d like to officially announce that Reason in the Rock 2016 will take place from March 12—13, 2016 in Little Rock, Arkansas. Our speaker list and other conference details will be updated soon, so please check out the website for further details.

Susan Heffington
Coordinator—Central Arkansas CoR


FreethoughtFlorida (known to everyone as FreeFlo) is in high gear and ready for people to come to attend from November 6—8, here in sunny Orlando, Florida. This year, we’ve added new ticket packages, so check it out and see which option is right for you!

Jocelyn Williamson
Orlando CoR


There is still some time left to get your early bird tickets for this year’s WASHCon2015, here in Lynchburg, Virginia—the home of Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University. A stellar line-up of speakers will be presenting from October 2—4, 2015 at the Lynchburg Holiday Inn, and we are looking forward to a successful and enjoyable event!

Samantha McGuire
Washington Area Secular Humanists


We are looking forward to our 14th annual Freethought Day here in Sacramento, California, which is scheduled for Sunday, October 11th from 11am to 6pm at the state capitol building. If you have the opportunity, please also join us for the Leadership Day on Saturday, October 10th. You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and we’d love to meet new people!

David Diskin
Coordinator—Sacramento Area CoR


I’d like everyone to know about a conference that will bring together those of all belief traditions and those still searching to understand each other, find the commonalities and differences and find areas where they can work together for the common good. It’s called Common Ground 2015, and it’s a follow-up of a similar conference held in Scotland in 2013. The sponsors here are the American Humanist Association, the Xavierian Missionaries and Rutgers Dept. of Off-Campus Living and Community Partnerships. The Humanist Community at Rutgers is a planning partner. The conference is set for Thursday, October 8th from 8:45am-6pm at the College Ave Student Center, lunch provided. There are great speakers from a variety of perspectives and a chance to meet and get to know those from many traditions.

Please check out the website where folks can learn more, register and download flyers to distribute and post. There may be an opportunity to table for free as well. We’re hoping to attract over 300 people—theistic and non-theistic alike.

Barry Klassel
Humanist Chaplain—Rutgers University