UnitedCoR Creates “Best Of” Secular News Feed

When you visit our homepage at www.UnitedCoR.org, you may have noticed something interesting in the sidebar on the right: a stream of the best news sources in the nontheist movement. You can read the news directly on Twitter as Secular News, a special Twitter list. You can even embed this feed in your own website.

It’s a combination of the 52 best sources of news from prominent nontheist organizations. We built it from a giant list of candidates by asking:

  • Do they post mostly news, or is a just a little news in a flood of group announcements?
  • Do they post about news regularly and quickly?
  • Is the news source truthful and free from drama, informative instead of snarky?

Take a look at the groups that are combined there, including Dogma Debate, MAAF, FFRF, and many others. What are your suggestions for additions, or even removals of a group that’s stopped reporting lately?

Let us know on the UnitedCoR Facebook page or to our Twitter account.