UnitedCoR Celebrates Another Social Media Milestone!

UnitedCoR began its Facebook presence in 2009 and six years later, we welcomed the 2015 New Year with a milestone of 5,000 likes. In the afternoon hours of November 19th, we were excited to see that, within less than a year, we have doubled our amount of Facebook likes. Once again, UnitedCoR says THANK YOU!! to everyone who has shared our Facebook and Twitter pages with their friends, families, colleagues and groups.

Now that we are attracting more Facebook likes, it is even more important to let UnitedCoR know about local activities so that we can share your information with our growing social media audience. UnitedCoR is committed to helping advertise your conferences, rallies, and other large events through the events section on the UnitedCoR and Secular Directory Facebook pages. Press releases we have sent out have also reached new audiences through our social media, thereby benefitting local CoR outreach and increasing your visibility.

Increasing our social media outreach is a vital part of how UnitedCoR helps to bring new people to your local CoRs, or perhaps to start new groups that adds to your local work. On November 19th, we received a phone call from a person in Florida whose friend showed them some posts from UnitedCoR’s website. They phoned our office enquiring about local groups where they could go to meet others who could help them with substance abuse issues. After finding two local groups nearby, they immediately joined their MeetUp page and we helped walk them through the introductory steps of starting a SMART Recovery in their local area. Can you imagine the positive impact that this will make? It all started with a simple phone call to us because of something they read on our social media that you helped to promote.

If you have major events coming up that you would like our help to advertise and feature on social media, please email Susan (Education Officer and National Coordinator) and Deanna (Press Officer) with the details. We’d also appreciate it if you’d encourage your friends to sign-up to our free newsletter. All they need to do is to check out www.unitedcor.org, and midway down the main page, they can enter their name and email address under the heading “Sign Up For National News.” (All of UnitedCoR’s previous newsletters can be found here).