The Reason Rally Needs YOU!

by Lyz Liddell
Executive Director—Reason Rally, Inc.

Reason Rally 2016 is a grassroots effort to show politicians and the media that secular/atheist/nonreligious people are a voting bloc to be reckoned with. We are growing, we speak up, and we want religion out of public policy. It’s up to you to prove us right.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Print out Reason Rally flyers and postcard to hand out at events and meetings.
  • Comment, share and re-tweet all Reason Rally social media so your members are up to date on the latest entertainers and logistics.
  • Write a blog post about the Rally for your website. Or use the blog post available here
  • Organize a Reason Rally bus from your city.
  • Contact your local media — especially alternative media — about the Rally. Tell them this is local story because it is about a voting bloc that is growing, right here in this city, and could affect local elections. Bring along the press releases, if you’d like! Don’t forget to mention how many people from your area are going to the Rally!
  • Sign up to get more involved or help spread the word! We’ll update you weekly with social media posts you can use, the latest press releases, and news about the Rally.

We also have a great hub for local organizers at with links, downloadable resources, and more.

We’ll see you – and your group! – at the Reason Rally!