The Foundation for Critical Thinking’s Upcoming Webinar

The Foundation for Critical Thinking is hosting a free academic webinar entitled Cultivating World Justice and Freedom of Thought Through Educational and Social Reform. This is also the theme of the Foundation’s upcoming 35th International Conference on Critical Thinking and Educational Reform. Here are some conference focal session titles:

  • Understanding the Inherent Barriers to Freedom of Thought and the Emancipated Mind
  • Living the Examined Life Through Daily Practice in Critical Thinking: 30 Weeks to Better Thinking and Better Living
  • The inherent Fallibility of Human Memory and Some Core Implications for Teaching and Learning
  • Bringing Critical Thinking into the Heart of Teaching and Learning
  • Incorporating Critical Thinking Assessment into the Fabric of Teaching and Learning Every Day
  • Helping Students Come to Understand Content as a Mode of Thinking
  • To What Extent do the Common Core Standards Foster Critical Thinking, World Justice, and Freedom of Thought?
  • Transformative Thinkers throughout History Who Have Cultivated and Advanced the Concept of Freedom of Thought
  • Employing Socratic Questioning as a Means to Cultivating the Intellect and Freeing the Mind

Read more about the conference or register here. However, if you are unable to attend the conference in person, you can attend many of the sessions via conference webcast. You may also register for the Foundation for Critical Thinking Fellows Academy immediately following the conference. The Fellows academies are held at a retreat setting near the California coast. Read more about the academy, which offers a unique opportunity to work with the Foundation’s Senior Fellows and scholars as you deepen your understanding of critical thinking and how to bring it into instruction, and into your life, on a routine basis.

–Dr. Linda Elder
President, Foundation for Critical Thinking