Washington DC

Out-Bi Rabbi Represents Pride in Humanism in Washington, DC


by Humanistic Rabbi and Humanist Chaplain at American University, Washington, DC Coalition of Reason Shalom aleikhem. Salaam aleikum. Peace be unto us all, and may we radiate its healing and transformative power out into our world. I am an out-bi ra ...

We’ll See You at the Reason Rally!


UnitedCoR is going to the Reason Rally in Washington DC and we'll see you there! This June, the Reason Rally will be the largest gathering ever of people who don't believe in gods. The United Coalition of Reason is looking for help! We want to pay ...

The Reason Rally Needs YOU!


by Lyz Liddell Executive Director—Reason Rally, Inc. Reason Rally 2016 is a grassroots effort to show politicians and the media that secular/atheist/nonreligious people are a voting bloc to be reckoned with. We are growing, we speak up, and we want ...

Nontheist Celebrities to Speak at Reason Rally in Washington DC


The Reason Rally in 2012 in Washington DC was the largest gathering in history of nontheists and our allies who may be spiritual but support separation of church and state, critical thinking, and ending discrimination against nonbelievers. Now June 2-5, 2 ...

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