South Dakota

Godless Billboards Return to Sioux Falls!


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Sioux Falls, South Dakota; Tuesday, May 9, 2017) There are 37,000 people in Sioux Falls who are Non-Religious! These words, superimposed over a blue background, have appeared on 15 prominent billboards across the Sioux Falls ...

Interview with Dale Hemming, Sioux Falls Secular Sponsor


by Susan, Education Officer and National Coordinator, United Coalition of Reason When more than twenty atheist-themed billboards were placed in Sioux Falls, SD four months ago, media as far away as California reported the story! It’s been a privile ...

Reason needs you! Support your local group.


Right now organizations - of all types - are having a bad time. No one is really to blame for it, but the causes are a wide and varied as the organizations themselves. Participation in organized groups is down across the board. We often lay the blame a ...

SkepDakota Crowd

Over 20 Science-Themed Billboards Erected Across Sioux Falls


For Immediate Release (Wednesday, July 6, 2016 Sioux Falls, SD) Over 20 billboards with scientific memes and themes were erected yesterday across Sioux Falls. The first set of billboards is located on S. Minnesota Avenue and S. Cliff Avenue, and oth ...

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