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The UnitedCoR 2017 Calendar is Free


For the past few months, United CoR has called for the dates of local, national and international conferences. We are pleased to release the 2017 calendar, based on the information we received from local volunteers. We’ve also added a list of special da ...

Shining the Light of Reason in Gideon Bibles


Secular Directory Hits Milestone


On Sunday, July 10 2016, UnitedCoR was excited to see that the Secular Directory’s Facebook page met another milestone, logging its 5,000th like! The Secular Directory has had a Facebook page since November 2011, and from then until Susan took over the ...

UnitedCoR Celebrates Another Social Media Milestone!


UnitedCoR began its Facebook presence in 2009 and six years later, we welcomed the 2015 New Year with a milestone of 5,000 likes. In the afternoon hours of November 19th, we were excited to see that, within less than a year, we have doubled our amount of ...

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