Omaha Coalition of Reason

A Black Belt in “Told You So” –Taken from the Heap


by UnitedCoR's Executive Director Executive Director, UnitedCoR On the comedy show Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In, co-host Dick Martin used to joke that he had a “black belt in Gotcha!” that would set off a series of one-liners and situations that allowed him to repl ...

Godless Gatherings & Send Your Holiday Stories


Happy non-denominational winter solstice! December is a heavily religious month, but even nontheists can join in the trend of Christmas away from church and towards family. Many Local CoRs are holding celebrations to spread good cheer: San Diego C ...

Over 60 Years of Humanism and Going Strong


Celebrating a Lifetime of Non-Theistic Service…and Looking Forward To Many More! interview by Susan M. Corbett   Last month, UnitedCoR took part in the Heartland Humanist Conference, co-sponsored by the Omaha Coalition of Reason.  While w ...

Ron and Ann Knapp

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