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Season of Reason: Fall 2016


HCCO awarded BBN Bronze/level 3 and $5000 grant; 5th FSM Benefit Dinner scheduled. HCCO Award and Grant The Humanist Community of Central Ohio (HCCO) was recently awarded Bronze/level 3 for holding more than four charitable events this year. HCCO join ...

COUNT Gets “Gold”


Non-theist charity is alive and well in Central Ohio. Foundation Beyond Belief (FBB) has recognized Central Ohio United Non-Theists (COUNT) as a Level 3/Gold team for 2016. "You are at the pinnacle of BBN's service expectations. We are so thrilled with the exemplary work your team is doing...

Season of Reason: Summer 2016


Education, charity and activism along with summer socializing follow a successful Reason Rally in Washington DC. Jim Helton, Tri-State Freethinkers on the Ark Encounter Omnipresent Atheists (OA) will host a presentation on the Ark Encounter theme park o ...

Season of Reason: Spring 2016


Lots to do in and around Central Ohio this Spring: BPSA Scouting Group, How Unique Is Planet Earth? Secularism in the Middle East, BBN Exceeds 100,000 hours, Ronald McDonald House, Homeless Shelter, Adopt-a-Highway, Day of Reason Potluck & Picnic, Reason Rally, Comfest, SSA Conference, Great Lakes Reasonfest

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