New Mexico Coalition of Reason

American Ethical Union’s New Conference


This past summer’s highly-successful Assembly in Baltimore focused on systemic racism and creating partnerships with other like-minded communities to work together for constructive action against discrimination. UnitedCoR is proud to announce that our c ...

Bikers for Jesus? Not on These Road Trips!


by Melissa Pugh, Grassroots and Outreach Coordinator, United Coalition of Reason Hi everyone! I’ll be running articles as often as I can, focusing on groups in places that don’t get a lot of attention either because they are in rural areas or beca ...

Paying Our Respects to UnitedCoR’s Executive Director Solomon


Doris Rashad Coordinator—New Mexico Coalition of Reason Staff Sgt. UnitedCoR's Executive Director Solomon: December 9, 1974--January 28, 2016 ​UnitedCoR's Executive Director Solomon: father, husband, Marine, civil rights advocate, friend and Roswatheist. I’d known him for about two years wh ...

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