Lawrence Krauss

New Edition of Secular Nation Coming Soon!


The Atheist Alliance of America is pleased to announce that their next edition of Secular Nation magazine--focusing on Secular Buddhism--will be released soon! For more details about the magazine's publication, please check out: http://atheistallianceamer ...

Interview: Association of Mindfulness Meditation and Secular Buddhism


UnitedCoR's Education Officer and National Coordinator Education Officer and National Coordinator In our last newsletter, UnitedCoR was excited to list the Association of Mindfulness Meditation and Secular Buddhism as another of our cooperating national groups. Mark W. Gura has more than 20 ...

Nontheist Celebrities to Speak at Reason Rally in Washington DC


The Reason Rally in 2012 in Washington DC was the largest gathering in history of nontheists and our allies who may be spiritual but support separation of church and state, critical thinking, and ending discrimination against nonbelievers. Now June 2-5, 2 ...

Starpower of Speakers Shows Broad Base of Reason Rally 2016


In an election year that rings with declarations about religion, the nonreligious voter is ignored. But 56 million people, of all demographics, should be counted and courted. Washington, D.C. — February 23, 2016 —​What do Bill Nye, Andrés Roeme ...

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