Justin Scott

Bumper Crop of Reason Proclamations!


On the morning of the National Day of Reason, we were pleased to see that various proclamations were covered in the press, especially a state-wide proclamation in Iowa. Let’s hear from a local activist—Justin Scott—about his experiences: I was ...

Iowa Nontheists Get Mayor to Include Secular “Prayer”


Cedar Valley Atheists, a group representing non-theists in Eastern Iowa, fought for and won the right to lead secular prayers at Waterloo city council meetings.

Iowa atheists

#1 #AtheistVoter Films the #1 Conservative Conference


While at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), #AtheistVoter Justin Scott was able to get in front of fellow Iowan Steve Deace (a widely popular conservative radio host, political commentator and contributor to many major media outlets) and ...

Three Stories: #AtheistVoter at the GOP Debate


Three weeks ago, UnitedCoR visited Central Iowa CoR and Eastern Iowa CoR for a meet-and-greet. Little did we know before our visit that those two CoRs were planning a large #AtheistVoter demonstration at the final GOP debate of 2016. Our press release set ...

iowa atheist organizations

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