Turning Secular Holiday “Blahs” Into Holiday “Ahhs”


By Dr. Ann Lane, Registered and Licensed Psychotherapist As the holiday season approaches, we are bombarded with glossy images of families interacting with each other with warmth, humor, love and respect. While “perfect family harmony” is difficult ...

A Black Belt in “Told You So” –Taken from the Heap


by UnitedCoR's Executive Director Executive Director, UnitedCoR On the comedy show Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In, co-host Dick Martin used to joke that he had a “black belt in Gotcha!” that would set off a series of one-liners and situations that allowed him to repl ...

Godless Winter Displays Return to Chicagoland


by Tom Cara Freedom From Religion Foundation—Metropolitan Chicago Chapter Reason’s Greetings from Chicago CoR! Our CoR's "Good Without God" banner and the Freedom From Religion Foundation—Metropolitan Chicago Chapter Dawkins Scarlet "A" sign wen ...

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