Freedom From Religion Foundation

Secular Halloween Display Treated to Tricky Criticism


by Tom Cara President, Freedom From Religion Foundation Chicago Metropolitan Chapter   In September of this year, the Freedom From Religion Foundation Metropolitan Chapter approached the Secular Student Society of the University of Illinois ...

Graveyard of gods

Checking in with the Chicago CoR


I had the opportunity to catch up with Chicago CoR Director, Hemant Mehta, to discuss recent events.  This group operates primarily off of a Listserv, so though they may keep a low web profile; they manage to bring in a wide range of events and activitie ...

Hemant Mehta

Sheriff Dismisses Secular Group with Colorful Idiom

  AUSTIN — State lawmakers stepped up in support of "In God We Trust" decals on Childress Police Department vehicles this week, the latest development in a spat between the North Texas law enforcement group and the Freedom From Religion Foundati ...

Kite Festival

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