Foundation for Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking in the Age of Alternative Facts


by Melissa Pugh, Grassroots and Outreach Coordinator, United Coalition of Reason I’ve been thinking a lot about critical thinking this year. It seems not only to be a “buzz topic” in secular communities and political spheres, but it’s also a p ...

Speak or Lead a Roundtable on Critical Thinking


The Foundation for Critical Thinking is hosting a conference this summer, July 31 - August 4, 2017, and you could play a role! The 37th Annual International Conference on Critical Thinking will feature sessions both for educators and professionals of o ...

Conference on Critical Thinking in California


by Dr. Linda Elder, Educational Psychologist and Senior Fellow This week, I want to begin by thanking the community for your overwhelming response to last week's offer; it was so overwhelming, in fact, that the 30 Days book is temporarily out of st ...

Conferences on Critical Thinking, and Complimentary Books


by Dr. Linda Elder, President, Foundation for Critical Thinking Though many in education tout the words "critical thinking," and though the term has now been percolating in our schools for some decades, still, today, relatively few educators are foste ...

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