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The best way to change hearts and minds is in person. The more people who've met a nontheist, the less discrimination there will be. This will help us socially at the community level, but also help us regionally and nationally by moving public opinion. ...

Generous to the CoR(e)!


UnitedCoR wishes to acknowledge a generous gift received from Pat McCann—Coordinator of the Connecticut Coalition of Reason. Pat was able to secure a matching gift from his work at Pfizer, thereby increasing the amount UnitedCoR received. Many thanks, Pat, for your generosity and support!

Pat McCann

Tri-City Freethinkers Helps Local School


Thanks to generous donations of cash and supplies from members, today the Tri-City Freethinkers delivered a cart load of school supplies to Amistad Elementary School in Kennewick, WA. The vast majority of students at Amistad come from households living b ...

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