Nontheism and the US Election


by Susan, Education Officer and National Coordinator, United Coalition of Reason Tuesday, November 8th will soon be on us…for some of us, it can’t come quick enough! (I’ve always joked with people when we visit CoRs that in the UK, after 4 weeks ...

Connecticut CoR Protests Franklin Graham Event and Promotes Inclusive Community Politics


by Jase, Executive Director, United Coalition of Reason As the rain poured on the night of Wednesday, August 31st, part of me thought that Franklin Graham’s Decision America 2016 stop in Hartford, Connecticut would be a wash-out. The Facebook event ...

Your Vote Counts, So Make Sure It’s Counted!


by Susan, Education Officer and National Coordinator Whenever we travel and visit local CoRs and their cooperating groups, invariably the topic of politics comes up, especially as it relates to how people outside of America and how the election cycles ...

Interview: The Man Behind the #AtheistVoter Media Flurry


UnitedCoR's Education Officer and National Coordinator Education Officer and National Coordinator By now, we’re certain that everyone has read all the stories flooding the global media about the person who has approached Presidential hopefuls and asked them their opinions about atheist vot ...

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