Your Vote Counts, So Make Sure It’s Counted!


by Susan, Education Officer and National Coordinator Whenever we travel and visit local CoRs and their cooperating groups, invariably the topic of politics comes up, especially as it relates to how people outside of America and how the election cycles ...

Elections, Campaigns, Issues, and Candidates: Secular Humanist Perspectives and PACs!


MEDIA ADVISORY April 12, 2016 Contact: Rabbi Binyamin Biber, Humanist Chaplain—American University, (202) 885-3320, [email protected]  Come learn about the groups like the Secular Coalition for America, the Center for Inquiry’s Office of ...

Three Stories: #AtheistVoter at the GOP Debate


Three weeks ago, UnitedCoR visited Central Iowa CoR and Eastern Iowa CoR for a meet-and-greet. Little did we know before our visit that those two CoRs were planning a large #AtheistVoter demonstration at the final GOP debate of 2016. Our press release set ...

iowa atheist organizations

Nepal Rises to Forge New Democracy


On Sunday 20 September, Nepal adopted a new constitution, the first fully-fledged charter after it became a democratic republic in 2008. The implementation of new constitution has automatically dissolved the Constituent Assembly (CA), transforming into a ...

Nepalese Flag on Palm

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