School’s Out but Church Was In


by Jan Goings, Coordinator, Inland Empire Coalition of Reason In Southern California, what's appropriate and legal signage when a church rents space at a public school? Jan Goings in California reports. For many months, I had seen this banner which ...

Interview: Providing an Oasis for Non-Theists


UnitedCoR's Education Officer and National Coordinator Education Officer and National Coordinator Shortly after obtaining a bachelor’s degree in pastoral studies, Helen Stringer came to realize she could no longer support any religious ideologies. She redirected her passion for community a ...

Why is the Pope so Popular?


Even admirers of Pope Francis may have been taken aback by the wall-to-wall coverage that has greeted his visit to the United States. My own media appearances talking about the pope seem to expand into second segments, and move to the front of every show. ...

Pope Francis

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