Rock the Boat When You Rock the Vote


  by UnitedCoR's Executive Director Executive Director United Coalition of Reason   When the Family Values Summit held their meeting in Iowa this past July, they hadn’t anticipated the presence of atheist voters from two Iowa CoRs. They also hadn’t an ...

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Iowa Secular Students Host ‘Graveyard of the Gods’


"Secular Students at Iowa, a student group for agnostic and atheist Hawkeyes, is hosting a “Graveyard of the Gods” event to kick off Halloween weekend. The event will feature headstones for gods who are no longer widely recognized or worshiped. The display is a response to Pascal’s Wager, a theory asserting that there is at least a chance God exists, and so one should err on the side of caution and worship God rather than spend eternity in hell. "

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Iowa Faith & Freedom Demonstration


It was perfect weather on Saturday afternoon Sept. 19, 2015 for another demonstration by the Iowa Atheists and Freethinkers (member of Central Iowa Coalition of Reason) in support of separation of church and state! The Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition hel ...

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