American Ethical Union

Celebrant’s CoRner


by UnitedCoR's Executive Director United CoR I always enjoy receiving emails from people asking me if I know of a celebrant in their area, and what they can expect from a non-theistic wedding ceremony. I enjoy it even more when the email asks me to be the person to join t ...

What Good is an Ethical Society, Anyway?


Ethical Societies are not just welcoming communities for people from all walks of life and of many different beliefs: they are also communities that seek to make a difference. What difference have Ethical Societies made in the world, and how will we make ...

Professional Leader Sought in Northern Virginia


The Northern Virginia Ethical Society--located near Washington DC--is an 87 member non‐theistic humanist community and is seeking a new Professional Leader (clergy) for a half-time position to be filled by June 2016. We have a dynamic and growing eth ...

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