Special Deal for Detroit and St. Louis Nontheist Conferences

Thomas True
Greater St. Louis CoR

The Gateway to Reason and Great Lakes Reasonfest conferences have formed a partnership to offer specially reduced prices for attending both conferences. Gateway to Reason will be held this summer in University City, St. Louis from August 13th—14th; Great Lakes Reasonsfest will be in Detroit from October 28th—30th, just the perfect time for a gathering of godless heathens at Halloween. This special value ticket gets you both conferences with a line up with more close to 50 unique speakers and some of the favorites being at both (not counting overlap speakers, nearly 50 total speakers).

Right now, the tickets are available on Gateway to Reason’s Eventbrite page and coming soon to Great Lakes Reasonfest’s Eventbrite ticket page, until they sellout, or August 12, which over comes first. So get a super value of two great conference events with a great line up and plenty of fun and learning for all!

Follow this link to share and enjoy! Please remember to keep checking back on gatewaytoreason.com and greatlakesreasonfest.com for more details on the conferences.