Speak and Be Heard! We’d Like Your Feedback

The best way to change hearts and minds is in person. The more people who’ve met a nontheist, the less discrimination there will be. This will help us socially at the community level, but also help us regionally and nationally by moving public opinion.

Now you can help through our fundraiser on Indiegogo. Your gift goes to the local group of your choice, to help them work a table at street fairs and other community events. Gift them a tablecloth and flyers. Get them giveaways to draw people into their booth and leave with good cheer. Or fund a volunteer for a day, with lunch and a t-shirt.

UCR-bumper-stickerWe’d also like your feedback! The fundraiser has been liked and tweeted 1,000 times, but we sense that isn’t translating into donations. As nontheists we love data, so let’s collect some!

Send an email to Susan at [email protected] and let us know:

  • What could we improve on the fundraiser to make it more compelling?
  • Why did you choose to give or not give?
  • Are your local groups “all set” or do they need funding?

Thank you for your views on how we can improve the Indiegogo fundraising campaign. With your help we plan to reboot it in the new year!