Spanking Baby Jesus – A Day of Hilarious Godlessness – Sunday, September 11

… featuring Seth Andrews and Ian Harris.

We’ll gather at brunch time to hear Ian’s comedic “take” on life as an atheist and Seth’s latest thoughts on the world as he sees it.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

11 AM to 2 PM

The Comedy Palace

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Seth Andrews is a former Christian broadcaster who now produces videos and radio podcasts for, one of the most popular secular communities in the world. The Thinking Atheist icon encourages all to reject faith and embrace doubt, curiosity, science and reason.

Seth has chronicled his transition from believer to atheist in his autobiography, “Deconverted: a Journey from Religion to Reason,” and his weekly radio podcast is downloaded over 1 million times a month.

With a mix of humor and heart, Seth Andrews speaks around the country about his former faith, the rise of reason, and why we should all pursue a personal relationship with reality. His new book, “Sacred Cows: a Lighthearted Look at Belief and Tradition around the World,” just released as well.

Ian Harris is a comedian, director and mixed martial arts fighter. He integrates skepticism and critical thinking into his comedy and has a unique fighting style he calls “Fight Science”.

This event will be at the Comedy Palace (, which is opening early just for us and this show!  They will have the kitchen and bar open with full service before, during, and immediately after the show (  Following the show, Seth Andrews and Ian Harris will come out an join us for pictures, meet/greet, book sales, etc.

This is going to be a ton of fun.  Come hungry, thirsty, and ready to laugh with your fellow humanists.  There will be an $8.00 donation request at the door to cover speaker’s expenses.

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San Diego Coalition of Reason

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