SMART Recovery Expands to Canada CoRs

Our CoR in British Columbia (BC), Canada (Vancouver CoR) has some exciting news!! Dr. Joe Gerstein wrote to tell us about the new outreach that SMART Recovery has experienced just northwest of Washington State:

Something incredible is going on in British Columbia (BC)! There are 55 weekly SMART meetings in this lightly-populated Canadian province, representing a number almost equal to the total in all the rest of the provinces. In July, there will be 20 people from BC taking the SMART online, interactive Facilitator Training. The application for this training offers an opportunity to explain why the person wants to do the training. Below is one of the more interesting replies (by the way, about 65% of the approximately 200 people taking the training monthly are professionals, who can obtain 30 CEUs):

I am sixty-two, retired, and I’ve been drinking since I was twelve. For the most part of the past ten years it’s been every single day, till I pass out, then go again. Last September, I took myself to de-tox because well, it was literally killing me. I’ve had five heart attacks and suffer peripheral neuropathy in the feet, causing me to require a cane to walk. My doctor says most everything that’s wrong with me now is a result of drinking too much for too long. I spent nine days in de-tox, but I had no idea how I was going to support my sobriety once released. Having tried AA several times in the past with absolutely no sustainable methods to maintain sobriety and actually grow in it, I was lost on how to carry on from there.

Then, on my second-to-last day there I saw an obscure little 4×6 card posted on the events board and it was about SMART. Everything about it resonated with me. I have lived much of my life involved in drugs and alcohol, so I’ve actually “been there-done that” in many situations. I intend on using all my past experiences to help guide me to understanding the troubles that bring people to SMART, and hopefully help some of them along. I’m sober eight months now and I really never knew just being alive and aware could feel this way. I’m my own mind, heart and soul now and we’re all doing wonderfully, thanks for sure to SMART Recovery.

If you want to learn more about SMART Recovery, or to start a group in your local area, contact Dr. Joe Gerstein at (508) 733-6469.