Skeptics Speak Out at Convention With Anti-Religion Message

(Springfield, MO) — This area of the midwest is usually referred to as the Bible Belt, but this weekend, while religion is the topic of conversation, a group of people are gathering for a much different reason.

The Gilloiz opened up for the midwests largest Skeptic Conference–known as Skepticon- and hundreds were in attendance.

Speakers address a number of different topics as well as debate with students and top scholars on issues like techniques for coming out as a skeptic or atheism as well as sexuality and feminism.

You may have also noticed billboards around the Ozarks reading "Don’t believe in God? You’re not alone."

Those billboards are sponsored by the Ozarks Coalition of Reason.

That coalition is a sponsor of Skepticon.

Those attending the conference say they are on a mission of education.

"I want to see more critical thinking promoted and I want to see the demographic of secular Americans more accepted in society," said Jesse Galef, who attended Skepticon."There are a lot of stigmas against us that I think are just untrue about how we’re immoral and can’t be trusted and I think as we become more open and people understand us better will realize there are good people who don’t believe in God and that will go away and we can become and accepted part of society."

The American Religious Identification survey says the number American adults not identifying with a particular religion is rising.