Iowa Secular Students Announce Panel Discussion

iowa secular students

Does religion do more harm or good? This is a controversial question that has been debated for centuries. How would we answer it in a modern context, or does it even have an answer? On Sunday, April 24,  a group of Iowa secular students, Secular Students of Iowa (SECSI) is assembling a panel of local professors and ministers from a variety of backgrounds, disciplines, and faiths to discuss this topic. The event will be at the Iowa Memorial Union – 2nd floor ballroom, 125 North Madison Street, Iowa City, IA.

The featured panelists are:

  • Dr. Evan Fales, Professor of Philosophy at the University of Iowa
  • Dr. Jordan Smith, Lecturer of Biblical Studies at the University of Iowa
  • Gerald Sorokin, Director of Iowa Hillel
  • Pastor Dave Foster of Parkview Church
  • Stephen Scheperle, Director of Downtown Equipping at Grace Community Church

This panel is hosted by Secular Students at Iowa, a student organization at the University of Iowa dedicated to fostering a positive community of Iowa atheist, humanist and secular students, advocating for secular values, and promoting discussion on philosophical and theological topics.

SECSI is affiliated with the Secular Student Alliance, an organization of atheist, humanist and non-theist students. The SSA has been advocating for the secular community since 2000. It is active on campuses around the United States.