Secular Invocation Chico California April 2015


Second Secular Invocation. In January 2015 the Atheists of Butte County delivered the first ever secular invocation at the beginning of a Chico City Council meeting. Joining the regular rotation of invocations, this is the second invocation.

Chico Municipal Center, Council Chamber, 421 Main Street, Chico, California
4/7/15 Council Agenda
1.2. Call to Order – 6:30 p.m. in the Council Chamber
1.3. Invocation – George Gold, President, Atheists of Butte County
Good evening .. members of the Chico City Council.
When I was a teenager and I would have friends over for dinner, there would invariably be some sort of a spirited discussion at the dinner table. Whether it was sports, movies, or politics, it was often a wild ride. Therein lies the rub. Some people say that if you want to have a successful dinner, don’t talk about politics, sex or religion. But then what else is there to talk about?
In February of 2015 in Bangladesh, Mr. Avijit Roy, an American citizen, an atheist, a writer and author was stabbed to death because of his writings and ideas and in the same month in North Carolina three Muslim Americans were shot to death, by someone who claimed to be an atheist.
These two murderous events are appalling and they demonstrate how important it is for each of us at the very least, we must respect each other. No, we must at the very least not kill each other.
We must see each of us as human beings that have a right to exist on this planet. We must not demonize each other. We must learn to live in peace. Isn’t this what civilized societies do?
Some people say, you don’t get respect, if you don’t give it.
Let’s tackle our problems using the most successful methods ever devised, science, reason, logic and the free inquiry for information. Let’s use these tools to improve our lives and enhance the well-being of everyone.
I hope today your deliberations and discussions are filled with respect, good humor and love.

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George Gold
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President, Atheists of Butte County
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