Secular Directory Hits Milestone

On Sunday, July 10 2016, UnitedCoR was excited to see that the Secular Directory’s Facebook page met another milestone, logging its 5,000th like! The Secular Directory has had a Facebook page since November 2011, and from then until Susan took over the administration of the Facebook page in March 2015, it slowly climbed to 1,000 likes in July 2015. Since July 20 2015, the Secular Directory’s Facebook following has QUINTUPLED in a little less than a year!!

Congratulations to Susan for working towards this milestone. We also thank all of you who have encouraged your friends and new people to non-theism to check-out the Secular Directory and UnitedCoR’s Facebook pages, linking them into our social media networks.

Don’t forget, you can also follow the Secular Directory (@SecularDir) and UnitedCoR (@UnitedCoR) on Twitter!