Milwaukee Secular Conference Announced for October

wisconsin secular group

Wisconsin nontheists in the Madison Area Coalition of Reason can enjoy a new conference in October, the Mythinformation Conference run by Mythicist Milwaukee, a Wisconsin secular group. Speakers include Dan Barker, the co-president of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, and Allie Jackson, the CEO of Atheist Republic.

The Mythinformation Conference brings a day full of education to the secular community – with speakers from all across the freethought spectrum. Mythicist Milwaukee focuses on educating the freethought/skeptic/atheist community about the mythological origins of religion, and our conference does that and more. This year’s conference features one of the secular world’s most anticipated debates between Dr. Robert Price and Bart D. Ehrman arguing the existence of a historical Jesus Christ.

Consider attending, and check out their recent nontheist group trip to Egypt, Nicaragua, and Greece!