Season of Reason – Spring 2019

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Columbus CoR groups offer various options for community, charity and outreach!

Black Nonbelievers

Columbus CoR is now accumulating names of those interested in having a local chapter of Black Nonbelievers (BN). Because it is best for people of color to be the founders we are keeping separate lists. If interested, please send your name, phone number and email address to Columbus CoR and indicate whether you are a person of color or an ally. We are also accumulating a list of potential resources to support this effort. The UU Atheists, Skeptics and Humanists (ASH) group may be able to arrange for the First UU Church to host the group and Columbus CoR member groups may be interested in having joint events.

Adaptive Sports

The Adaptive Sports Connection (ASC) is our local chapter of Disabled Sports USA that helps veterans, children, and adults who need adaptive equipment or instruction to participate in sports. Central Ohio United Non-Theists (COUNT)members have been working with ASC at Snow Trails this Winter having participated in Veteran Bike Rides last Fall. As COUNT Winter Sports volunteers, they have been assisting with skiing and snowboarding lessons and getting free equipment rental and lift passes. Lessons are over by 3 PM and volunteers are free to ski on their own until the lifts close at 9 PM. The final event on the schedule for this season is Saturday March 16th at Snow Trails near Mansfield. 5 COUNT volunteers have worked 110.5 hours at 11 events at Snow Trails this season divided between training, lessons with students and clinics. ASC has a kayaking program that COUNT may get involved with this Summer.

Volunteer Training

The Humanist Community of Central Ohio (HCCO) will celebrate the 40th anniversary of their founding at their monthly meeting this Saturday at 11:30 AM.
“This month our speaker will be Scott Gaudi, the Thomas Jefferson Professor for Discovery and Space Exploration at the Ohio State University Department of Astronomy. He’ll be presenting ‘The Hunt for Other Worlds and Life in the Universe’. Dr. Gaudi will provide a guided tour of the golden age of the exploration of extrasolar worlds and the search for extraterrestrial life, focusing on the hunt for analogs to our solar system, and the search for the ‘pale blue dot’: another world just like our own.”
At 2:30 PM a volunteer training session will be held.
“Stick around after the Monthly Program to learn about volunteering for HCCO! This is our new volunteer training session where you can learn about current volunteer opportunities. We’ll cover everything from low commitment positions to project management positions and everything in-between.”

Science Sundays

Columbus CoR invites all member groups to attend free OSU Science Sundays talks at the Columbus campus at 3:00 PM. Presentations are followed by a reception with complimentary refreshments that offers a chance to speak with the presenter. We will gather after the talk at the reception and may go for a snack or a drink afterwards. Parking is free on Sundays at meters on 13th Avenue across from the Ohio Union. The March 17th event will feature Robert M. Hazen speaking about The Story of Earth: How Life and Rocks Have Co-Evolved. RSVP with COUNT or Omnipresent Atheists (OA).

Van Buren Dr Shelter

COUNT, HCCO, and the Secular Student Alliance (SSA) at The Ohio State University (OSU), have together worked 975.5 hours at the Van Buren Dr. homeless shelter at 54 events since January 2015.
On the second Tuesday of each month volunteers help serve dinner and clean-up from 6:00 – 8:00 PM. Omnipresent Atheists (OA) welcomes volunteers afterwards for socializing at their regular Tuesday meeting currently at Marshall’s (1105 W. 1st Ave). 17 volunteers have worked there at least five times and have been designated as “Handful” volunteers. RSVP with HCCO or COUNT for the March 12th, April 8th, and May 12 events (all 2nd Tuesdays).


All Columbus CoR member groups are invited to participate on Third Thursday events every other month. Blood donation at the Red Cross is followed by dinner at a local restaurant. COUNT collects and reports results to Foundation Beyond Belief to publicize non-theist charitable efforts and improve the reputations of humanists and atheists. 15 Columbus CoR members spent 89 hours donating 78 units for Bleed-N-Feed events since January 2017.
RSVP with HCCO or COUNT for the March 21st event. Note: If you donate on a different day, please RSVP on Meetup and add a note stating the date and number of units and we will include your donation in our report.

Hug An Atheist

March 23 is Atheist Day and Atheist Membership for Equitable Nominations (AMEN) is hosting a Huga An Atheist Demonstration and Pizza Party. Other Columbus CoR groups are invited to participate.
“Want to celebrate #AtheistDay this year? Want to break down stereotypes and share the truth of secular humanism’s love and joy? Join us for our rendition of the “Free Hugs” phenomenon: Hug An Atheist Day!

Interested participants will be paired up and positioned across downtown Columbus with AMEN-provided ‘Hug An Atheist’ signs. The event is listed as 2 hours long (2-4 PM), but people are welcome to come and go as they please. Help us celebrate #AtheistDay by closing the gap between religious and secular individuals.

Afterwards, there will be a pizza party held for all those who participated in the event (location TBD), so we can celebrate each other and share our experiences.” RSVP with AMEN.

Ronald McDonald House

In May, COUNT will celebrate completion of six years of monthly volunteering at the Columbus Ronald McDonald House (RMH), the largest in the world. RMH provides housing and meals for families with hospitalized children. Members of Columbus CoR groups volunteer via COUNT to serve as Housewarmers, restocking “hotel” rooms and otherwise assisting guests. Volunteers may choose to help at the front desk if they like. COUNT Spring RMH events are on April 7th, May 5th and June 2nd first Sunday events. Twenty non-theists have worked 1,330 hours there from May 2013 through February 2019.

Brewery Fundraiser

Columbus CoR groups have collected a total of 1,954 lbs of food and $16,580.45 for the Mid-Ohio Foodbank from 2012 – November 2018 at various events. Another Brewery Fundraiser will held on April 10th and all members of Columbus CoR groups are invited.

“Columbus CoR is hosting a fund raiser at Seventh Son! They are donating a dollar per beer, so make sure to get a wristband or tell your bartender so that our donations are counted. Proceeds will go to the Mid-Ohio Foodbank. We have the event room available for our use, so feel free to bring friends!”

RSVP with COUNT or OA.

Day of Reason Event

Columbus CoR will hold a Day of Reason event on May 4th. Details will be posted by member groups when they are available.

AMEN, HCCO, COUNT, OA, and SSA at OSU are members of the Columbus Coalition of Reason.

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