Sacramento Godless Billboards Give A Home To Those Who Don’t Believe

Godless billboards are popping up in the Sacramento area.


The advertising campaign is paid for by The Sacramento Area Coalition Of Reason, they want to offer a home to atheists and agnostics who might feel alone.

Tom Ikleman with the group says "they know what there belief system is and this offers them an opportunity to hang out with other people who share similar philosophies and beliefs". Still Tom knows not everyone is buying his message – in fact some believe this is nothing more than an anti-GOD campaign…but Tom says no way…."hopefully Christians practice the love that they preach, and don’t take this into a negative life".

But some of those who believe in GOD say these billboards should go.

FOX40 showed Constance Brown the billboard on 65th & Q and she was shocked. She says the campaign is a lie. Still Constance told us "if they don’t believe in God than that’s just really on them".

Now Tom is hoping those who do believe will give his group some understanding..but for some reading the words on these billboards will be a tough to swallow.