Responses and Support

Responses and Support

We are happy to report that responses to the billboard have been plentiful and positive. Member organizations have seen an increase in interest and many people have reached out via social media and email. Here’s what people are saying (names omitted for privacy):

Religious group just knocked on my door. Your organization gave me courage to utter, for the first time ever aloud, "I don’t believe in god."

I was so happy to see the billboard on the news! Even happier to see how many others share my view and common sense.

Thanks for the billboard. It is nice to know I am not alone.

Saw your story on Fox. Just wanted to say it is so nice to see an org sticking up for those that don’t believe. Thank you!

Thanks, It’s great to see something like this getting together here.

I just wanted to let you know that I am thrilled to see your billboard! I do believe in a higher power, although I believe that power may very well be nature or science beyond our understanding rather than one all-powerful being. While organized religion is important for many people, I find it spiritually inhibiting and extremely discriminatory. Thank you so much for giving non-religious Oklahomans a voice and community support! It is difficult to be so much of a minority in the Bible Belt, and it is encouraging to see someone standing up for the right of all citizens to believe however we wish without being discriminated against. We are citizens too! We are not a threat to other people’s faith!

Great work everyone. I’m marginalized daily for my position (or lack there of) on religion, so being around an accepting group of similar individuals means a lot to me.

Saw the media coverage of the billboard … It will be great to spend some time with like-minded people.

I am thrilled to see the billboard! As an escapee from "organized" religion, it’s great to learn of other freethinkers in Oklahoma!

Happy to know there is a group of like-minded people in Oklahoma!

I saw a news story on the CoR billboard and was floored and thrilled to find out there were groups like this in OK! … it often seems like I’m all alone, and it’s good to know I’m not.