Reason Rally March 31st

 “Celebrate living without God!”

These words, superimposed over an image of the National Mall in Washington DC, now appear on the most prominent billboard greeting traffic entering New York through the Lincoln Tunnel. This billboard joins others that are bearing the same message in Baltimore, Maryland, and Richmond, Virginia.

The ad announces the upcoming Reason Rally in Washington DC, a celebratory gathering of atheists, agnostics, humanists and skeptics. The event features a lineup of prominent secular speakers and entertainers, including scientist Richard Dawkins, musician and comedian Tim Minchin, “Mythbusters” star Adam Savage, magician James Randi, high school activist Jessica Ahlquist, novelist Taslima Nasrin and the band Bad Religion. Comedian Paul Provenza will be a master of ceremonies. The free, public event is the combined effort of all the major national organizations in the secular movement and will run from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM, March 24, on the National Mall.

The National Park Service estimates that there will be over 30,000 attendees.

“It’s going to be a glorious gathering of the godless,” said David Silverman, president of the Reason Rally Coalition. “We know this will be a celebration unlike any other, a great coming out party for those who think free.”

The Lincoln Tunnel billboard was provided to the Reason Rally courtesy of American Atheists, one of the sponsors. This came about because an American Atheist billboard scheduled to go up on March 5 in a Hasidic Jewish neighborhood of Brooklyn was denied placement by the landlord of the billboard site. The billboard vendor agreed to make it up to the organization by providing the Lincoln Tunnel space.

As for the billboards in other cities, the five Baltimore locations are as follows:

* West side of I-95, a mile north of the Ft. McHenry Tunnel, facing south
* East side of Hanover St., just north of the Hanover St. Bridge, facing south * West side of I-83, 2500 ft. south of Cold Spring Lane, facing south
* East side of I-95, 2500 ft. south of Russell St., facing north
* East side of Russell St., just south of Ostend St., facing north


Published by

San Diego Coalition of Reason

Debbie Allen Local Coordinator