Reason needs you! Support your local group.

SkepDakota Crowd

Right now organizations – of all types – are having a bad time. No one is really to blame for it, but the causes are a wide and varied as the organizations themselves.

Participation in organized groups is down across the board. We often lay the blame at the organizer’s feet – and rightfully so – but the issue appears to be that folks just don’t have time.

Could there be other causes? Certainly. Speaking specifically about freethought groups, it is easy to get burned out on all of the causes they are interested in as well as the politics of it all.

Despite this, individual participation is key to the success of a group. If you have a cause near and dear to your heart, your local CoR group is a great place to find like-minded individuals to rally around your cause. If freethought is your passion, even better.

It is important to not judge a group by who is in attendance. As I stated earlier, attendance is down across the board and overcoming the inertia of apathy can be a challenge.

Your participation can make all the difference.