Radio Campaign Tells Atheists “Where to Go”

(Washington, DC, November 5, 2013) "We'd like to tell atheists where to go!"

These words begin a 60-second radio ad encouraging atheists, agnostics and others of similar outlook to discover one or more of nearly 2,000 local groups and national organizations in North America that exist to serve them. The ads are airing 340 times this month on SiriusXM Satellite Radio, specifically targeted to audiences of CNN, INDIE Radio, MSNBC, OUTQ, and SiriusXM Progress.

These ads also launch a comprehensive new website geared to helping people find these groups and organizations. Called the Secular Directory, the site offers the largest and most up-to-date database ever compiled of local atheist, agnostic, freethought, humanist, secularist, skeptic and other such groups in North America. Referred to in the ad as "godless groups," each can be found easily. The user simply types in the name of her or his city and state, and then a list of those within a 50-mile radius pops up.

The Secular Directory also lists national and international organizations, special services for nonreligious people, conferences and events, publications, and other resources. The website is at but can also be accessed via the alliterative URL used in the ad: .

The site is a project of the United Coalition of Reason (UnitedCoR), a nonprofit organization founded in 2009 that has previously been responsible for billboard and bus ad campaigns in 34 states and the District of Columbia. These campaigns have been used to launch local coalitions of atheist and agnostic groups. The November radio campaign that announces the site began Monday at a cost of $19,900. And the final modifications and updates to the site were made this morning. Additional radio campaigns are being planned for 2014.

"The aim of all our campaigns is to help the millions of godless people across North America find each other and discover groups that will meet their needs and serve their interests," said Fred Edwords, national director of UnitedCoR. "Such non-theists don't always realize there's a community for them because they're inundated with religious messages at every turn."

To listen to the radio ad, read the text, or view the ad schedule see the right sidebar.

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The Washington DC-based United Coalition of Reason is made up of over 70 local coalitions nationwide and works to raise the visibility and sense of unity among non-theistic groups.

For more information contact:

Fred Edwords
National Director
United Coalition of Reason
[email protected]