Richard Dawkins Agrees to an “Encore” In Tampa Bay!

On Saturday, October 10th at 7pm, Professor Dawkins will be introducing part two of his autobiography, Brief Candle in the Dark, at the Unitarian Universalist congregation of Clearwater. After a short opening statement by Dr. Dawkins, he and Dr. Herb Silverman will then discuss various topics of interest to scientists, humanists, atheists, and anyone with a curiosity about the nature of our world.

Throughout his book, Dr. Dawkins shares with us his infectious sense of wonder at the natural world, his enjoyment of the absurdities of human interaction, and his awareness of life’s brevity: all of which have made a deep imprint on our culture. The book will be released at the end of September, and you can get your autographed copy through Tampa Bay CoR when you buy a ticket to this event. Please note that no book other than the one provided at the event will be autographed.

Free day care will be provided for the general event for children 10 and younger. Children attending day care will not need a ticket. Any profit from this event will go to the Tampa Bay Coalition of Reason to fund future events, and the Richard Dawkins Foundation For Reason & Science for its work. We reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone, with a refund of the ticket price (excluding the processing fee).

There will be no refunds after Oct. 1, 2015. If you have paid and are unable to attend, please send your name and mailing address after the event to [email protected] and we will mail the book to you, for the extra cost of postage. All requests must be received by December 30th, 2015.

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Jim Peterson
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