Please Join the Memorial Gathering for Arlene Marie

Arlene Marie

by George Schiffer

A memorial will take place celebrating the life and mourning the untimely death of Arlene Marie, longtime Director of Michigan Atheist.  It will be Sunday, September 13 at 3:00.  The memorial will take place at the Warrendale Park 155 Warrendale, Dearborn Heights, Michigan 48127.  I chose a park for the venue, because Arlene liked the out of doors very much and because I didn’t know how many people might show up.  Arlene was widely known and very much liked, so there might be a few or there might be many, which the park can handle.  The park has a large pavilion that would be very useful in case of rain.  It also has handicapped restrooms.  I decided to make it potluck, which would resemble our annual picnics, an outdoor event Arlene liked very much.

To get to the park, you travel north or south on Telegraph Road, depending on which direction you are coming from, till you get to Dearborn Heights.  Then look for Warren Avenue or Street.  I have seen both.  Go east on Warren about a third of a mile where there is a large sign to the left indicating the park entrance.  That road starts the driveway to the pavilion and a short third of a mile road.  The address of the park is on that short road, but the pavilion is not on that road.  Once you turn left off of Warren Street or Avenue onto that driveway, stay to the left, which will take you to the pavilion parking lot.


Those traveling long distances do not be concerned about bringing anything, or if bringing something would be a problem, please don’t bother.  There should be plenty.   If you have any questions, direct them to [email protected] or [email protected].


Also, any of you who have personal stories or memories that you would like to share, please email Deanna at [email protected].  She will be writing a memorial in honor of Arlene Marie in the upcoming United CoR newsletter.  Thank you!