Pat Chen Resigning as FSH Coordinator

Fredericksburg Secular Humanists (FSH) announces that Pat Chen has resigned as FSH Coordinator after more than 10 years of effective and dedicated service.

FSH extends a sincere thanks to Pat for her work. FSH could not have become such an active chapter without her efforts!

FSH will be coordinated by David Hyland-Wood and an organizing committee of active members. Please contact David if you would like to help.

Pat’s announcement is provided below.

For 10 years, it’s been my privilege to serve as an organizer and coordinator of Fredericksburg Secular Humanists. I’m resigning as FSH coordinator effective immediately. I’ll continue to be an enthusiastic member of FSH, Reading Skeptically, and Fredericksburg Skeptics. I’ll continue as a member of the Board of Directors of the WASH and continue to work on the joint FredCoR/UMW Religious Freedom Celebration Committee.
We are very fortunate that the multi-talented David Hyland-Wood is now the coordinator of Fredericksburg Secular Humanists. David has been an active member of FSH for more than a year, leading a few meetings, adding depth to discussions and building an enthusiastic fan base.
Pat Chen