Non-Theist Invocation Planned For May 8th

Day of Reason Proclamation request prompts invocation invitation from Upper Arlington.

Ed Sweeney has been invited to give the invocation at the May 8th Upper Arlington City Council meeting. Members of Central Ohio United Non-Theists (COUNT) requested Day of Reason Proclamations from four government organizations with Ed handling the Upper Arlington request. The Day of Reason is a counter to the National Day of Prayer traditionally on the first Thursday in May.

“Unfortunately, I won’t do a proclamation for your Day of Reason – nor would I do a proclamation for the National Day of Prayer. I’ve been advised to limit entanglement of faith beliefs with governmental duties. I appreciate your beliefs and the work you do in our community. I would offer you the opportunity to provide an invocation at a Council meeting. We try to have various representatives of different beliefs at our meetings.” replied Debbie Johnson, President/Mayor, Upper Arlington City Council

Michael Bondoc handled this year’s request for the City of Columbus, Gail Ukockis the State of Ohio and Dave Nohle had Franklin County. This was the first year that COUNT approached Upper Arlington; in 2016 COUNT sent requests to Columbus, Franklin County and Ohio. A set of requests in 2014 resulted in a Certificate of Recognition from then Mayor Michael Coleman.

Most requests have been signed by Avery Winston, the Coordinator of the Columbus Coalition of Reason (CoR). This year’s request to the State of Ohio was also signed by Doug Berger and Connie Payton, leaders of the Secular Coalition for Ohio (SCO) as well as Pete Zupan, a leader from the newly formed Ohio Chapter of Americans United (AU). Requests list all Columbus CoR groups and various Ohio secular groups with numbers of members.

Columbus CoR groups are celebrating a Day of Reason with a Potluck on Saturday May 6 from 1:00 – 4:00 PM at the Actual Brewing Company, 655 N. James Rd. The event will raise money for the Mid Ohio Foodbank. RSVP on Facebook or on Meetup with COUNT, Central Ohio Gay Atheists (COGA), the Humanist Community of Central Ohio (HCCO) or Omnipresent Atheists (OA).

COUNT, COGA, HCCO and OA are members of the Columbus Coalition of Reason ( SCO and AU – Ohio Chapter are Friends of Columbus CoR.

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