New Vision for UnitedCoR

by Executive Director

Dear CoR Coordinators and community partners,

Now that we’ve had the opportunity to take a more active, in-person participation with local CoRs, I wanted to take a moment to let you know of our upcoming plans. In the past, UnitedCoR had been somewhat distant from its member groups: occasionally “helicoptering in” for a training session or to fund a billboard campaign. We have now changed our direction, and have changed UnitedCoR’s culture for more positive outcomes. I think you’ll love it.

We are now an active and proactive organization that helps to play a role in the life and work of your local CoRs, wherever possible. We are planning to “talent scout” the best projects and accelerate them by using our national resources and experiences. In addition to offering potential funding, we’d like to offer something more valuable: training and development. Let us help to train you to the national level with superpower non-profit leader skills in such areas as:

  • organizing events, whether for charity, social, or protest.
  • working politically, if your group has a protest component.
  • managing your group and nurturing new leaders.
  • marketing your group to effectively attract new members, especially with diversity in mind.
  • making a higher impact with media and VIPs in your local community.
  • capacity building, which means strengthening your executive team and resources to help you get more things done.

We’ll still offer some funding for projects, and then we’ll also show you how to increase your local fundraising efforts by being more efficient when you spend money and to find new sources of funding for yourself. Wouldn’t it be great if you knew how to identify local donors, people whom we at the national level wouldn’t normally find, and then grow your group’s presence with their assistance?

We are still committed to respect your group’s autonomy. In fact, we value and need your leadership. You are the leaders at the local level. From Washington, DC we need you to show us the way in your local areas. We then bring you wisdom and resources, and then help you to calibrate your group’s measures of success in comparison with other local groups. We let you train us on what works for you, and then we take best practices and teach them to other groups.

We have been working hard to make some big changes for the better and to be a better friend and co-worker with your local CoRs. If you feel as if your CoR’s efforts have been overlooked the past few years, please call us. We’ve spent the past month or two, getting to know local groups in person, training leaders, but also doing a lot of listening. We’d like to listen to you too. Call us and let’s talk about your needs and ideas for the future of secularism.

More than anything else, we are renewing our commitment to be a valued resource that will make 2015 a year of high and long-lasting impact for your local groups.

With kindest regards,

-UnitedCoR’s Executive Director
Executive Director
The United Coalition of Reason