It’s Coming: The UnitedCoR Mobile App

We want all of you to know that we’re almost finished with the first, completely free mobile app designed to link individual non-believers and non-religious people with other individuals of similar interests and sincerely-held beliefs to activities in their local communities.

The UnitedCoR app, for Android and iOS phones, will grow over time, starting with a calendar that automatically draws updates from thousands of secular-friendly calendar web pages without the burden of data entry. Users can email calendar updates to themselves or to friends, receive and spread information about groups hosting events, and add dates to their smart phone calendars. In time, additional functions will be added, free-of-charge.

As soon as the app is ready to launch, we’ll let everyone know and will put the download hyperlink on our website. In the mean time, since the app’s calendar has already been searching for events, make sure you list your local events on Meetup and Google calendar so the app can find them. Exciting days ahead, as non-believers will be able to Get United in 2017!