About the New Jersey Coalition of Reason

The New Jersey Coalition of Reason (NJCoR) brings together nontheistic groups in the state. From participation in the National Secular Service Day to co-promotion through a joint publicity campaign, our mission is to raise the visibility and sense of unity among rationalistic groups in New Jersey’s growing community of reason.

There is diversity even within our coalition. Some groups meet congregationally, others are discussion-focused and yet others are campus-based. Some cater to families with children, others to intellectual pursuits. But more important than our distinguishing traits are those that unite us. All participating NJCoR organizations are nontheistic and share a profound respect for the dignity and inherent value of human beings. We believe that ethics and reason are the cornerstones of a moral life.

Think your group belongs? Contact the NJ CoR coordinator! Want to learn more about our participating organizations? Browse our Member Groups page. Either way, now you know: humanists make good neighbors!