Nepal Rises to Forge New Democracy

Nepalese Flag on Palm
On Sunday 20 September, Nepal adopted a new constitution, the first fully-fledged charter after it became a democratic republic in 2008. The implementation of new constitution has automatically dissolved the Constituent Assembly (CA), transforming into a Parliament and nullified the Interim Constitution 2007. The new constitution consists of 35 parts, 305 articles and nine annexes.
The constitution has firmly established Nepal as an inclusive federal democratic republic with secular characteristic. Nepal will have seven provinces each with its own legislature. The new statute has institutionalized republic in place of monarchy, and federalism in place of a unitary system. It also added a proportional representative electoral model and inclusion in decision-making.
The preamble of the new constitution says: “Realizing a dream cherished by the Nepali people since 65 years, the new constitution will formally take the country towards a federal structure from the existing unitary structure that remained rooted in the country for 240 years.”