About Us

Morgantown Coalition of Reason is a group of like-minded member organizations from throughout the Morgantown, WV area that share a worldview grounded in reason over superstition, and scientific evidence over revealed truth.

Purpose of MorgantownCoR

The purpose of MorgantownCoR is to connect, support, organize, and strengthen the community of Morgantown area individuals living god-free.
Individuals who do not believe in a god or gods are not alone! Various recent polls indicate that approximately 20% of Americans do not profess a belief in a god(s) and/or identify themselves as “not religious.”
MorgantownCoR provides these individuals with information, support, and a sense of community. Additionally, MorgantownCoR gives member organizations and their individual members a way to combine their voice with others who are ready to move society forward with a firm reliance on reason and humanity.

Join MorgantownCoR

To become a member organization of MorgantownCoR please contact us: [email protected]
If you are an individual who doesn’t believe in god(s), embraces reason, is living god-free, or has questions about MorgantownCoR, please contact us: [email protected]. To attend an event or to join a MorgantownCoR member organization, please visit their websites available through the Member Groups page, or contact them directly.